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Table Motorized nameplate embossing machine ZYY-2000

IntroductionAdvantagesTech dataSamples

Nameplate embossing machine is used for permanently marking on nameplates and tags.
It can emboss English characters,numbers and other simple symbols on metal,aluminum,copper,stainless steel,hard plastic nameplate and tags.
It can emboss 2-3 nameplates or tags at one time.


Imported rigid linear guide rail,self-lubricating,air-proof and dust-proof,high wear resistance and high marking accuracy
Imported electronic module for Driver Control Panel
Imported electronic components for power source
Failure warning function
Multiple I/O interfaces
Safe and convenient maintenance
Compatible with AUTOCAD,support various file formats
Automatic print and print data storage for statistic and query,realize data gather,transfer and management with PC database through Internet
Support data transmission with electronic scale,Barcode Printer,leakagemeter and other equipment
WINDOWS system,support nearly all input such as characters,Serial numbers,Graphics,VIN code,Time and date,English letters,Bar code/2D codes/dot and continuous line,All kinds of logos,Special symbols



Nameplate size  


  Imprinting range


Marking speed

3-5 character / second

Imprint content

English characters,numbers,etc.

The size of character

3-5 mm

Depth of imprint

0.2-0.8 mm

Power supply

220V±10,50Hz 500W

Feeding system


Gas supply


Working temperature



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