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Multi-needle Pneumatic marker GGQD-060

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Pneumatic Marker is be made up of marking head,control box and PC.
The marking head is controlled to do high frequency vibration impact by given track through PC or singlechip control box.
It will mark clear&permanent logos on workpieces,under the action of compressed air.
It can mark on flat,curved surface and cylinder axial.
Marking Content:
All characters
Serial numbers
VIN code
Time and date
Barcodes & Reading
English letters
Bar code/2D codes/dot and continuous line
All kinds of logos
Special symbols
Database connection
Application Fields:
Pneumatic  Marking Machine is perfectly suited for use with a variety of industrial products with higher efficiency and convenience.
Direct Part Marking (DPM) – This is a process of permanently marking parts with a barcode. This is done to allow the tracking of parts through the full life cycle.
Fitting/tube/pipe circle marking
Scale engraving marking
Nameplates marking
Metal parts marking (Stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper, titanium etc.)
Component identification
Component traceability
Lot numbering
Nameplate marking
Cast and Forge Marking
Rod, engine marking
Gear, pump marking
Bowl marking
Part or Equipment numbering
Batch & Shift Coding
Tools marking
Various Metal Label Marking



Imported rigid linear guide rail,self-lubricating,air-proof and dust-proof,high wear resistance and high marking accuracy
Imported electronic module for Driver Control Panel
Imported electronic components for power source
Failure warning function
Multiple I/O interfaces
Safe and convenient maintenance
Compatible with AUTOCAD,support various file formats
Automatic print and print data storage for statistic and query,realize data gather,transfer and management with PC database through Internet
Support data transmission with electronic scale,Barcode Printer,leakagemeter and other equipment
WINDOWS system,support nearly all input such as characters,Serial numbers,Graphics,VIN code,Time and date,English letters,Bar code/2D codes/dot and continuous line,All kinds of logos,Special symbols



Marking Area


Optional Marking Area


Marking Depth


Marking Speed

50-80mm/second(4-8 number or words of 3 mm size/s)

Lifting Range

0-300 mm

Repeated Accuracy

0.01 mm

Pin Hardness

HRC 85

Power Supply

220V±10%, 50Hz

Air Pressure:

0.2-0.5 Mpa

Machine Power:

≤400 W

Working Environment:

-5~40 C

Whole Machine Weight:

60 Kg

Optional device

Rotary fixture φ125mm,80mm,160mm





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