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GGJG-220G Diode Side pumped laser marker

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Diode Side-Pump series Laser Marking Machine employs imported semi-conductor module, high-speed optical scanner, Q switch and YAG rod, providing speedy scanning and high precision. Independent self-control cool-water circulating
system ensures stable performance and meets requirements on long-time running.
Application Materials:
ABS, nylon, PVC, PES, steel, titanium, copper, etc.
Diode Side-pump laser marking machine is widely used in automobiles, IC, electronic components, silicon wafer, electronics, electric apparatus, communication, computer, clock and watch, glasses, jewelry, artwork ornaments, etc.
Precision etching and marking on metals and non-metal materials can be both realized.
Application Industries:
Electronic components, electro technical products, IC, hardware products, automobiles parts, plastic products,precision instruments and medical apparatuses and communication products.



Decent figuration and easy for user to operate
Stable function of the whole system, small size and low consumption
Improved machine structure,closed structure of the optical system add with the functions of light preview and focus indication
The up-to-date exterior cooling system ensures the low operating noise and adjustment of operating temperature,supporting long working hours





Max. laser power

50W / 75W

Laser wavelength


Laser beam quality M2


Frequency of Q-switched modulation


Marking range


Marking depth


Marking speed

≤9000mm / s

Min. line width

0.1 mm

Min. character

0.3 mm


±0.002 mm

Holistic power


Power supply

AC220V / 50HZ / 10A

Cooling method


Dimensions (LxWxH)

Optical system: 1120x620x1370mm
Cooling system: 424x660x817mm



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