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Great Wuhan 2015 top ten projects

First, the most beautiful Yangtze River Bridge opened to traffic



Opening hours: the end of December 2014 or early 2015

The total investment of 4 billion, is the eighth in Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, is the world's largest three-tower four or four of the Yangtze River Bridge, the world's largest three towers Across the suspension bridge, is connected to Hanyang and Wuchang City, a large channel. The main bridge is about 2.1 km long, the bridge is a two-way 8-lane, the design speed of 60 km. Parrot Island Yangtze River Bridge on the side of the junction of Wuchang Meijiashan Interchange, while the Department of Hanyang ink Hubei Road. The whole bridge covered with a bright orange color, will be at night show "red giant tower, fire Hongjiang" scene.

Second, the opening of the first BRT in central China


Time: early 2015

Wuchang new block Pa Xiong Chu Road finally to be completed! Xiongchu Street Expressway renovation project a total investment of 8.99 billion yuan, the entire renovation project, will be completed in early 2015 opening, Xiong Chu Street project west of Chu Ping Road, Interchange, the main line length of 6.58 km. The main line for the viaduct, two-way 6 lanes, the design speed of 60 km / h. Ground for the road, the design speed of 40 km / h. Xiong Chu Road reconstruction at the same time, will be completed in the first BRT (bus corridor), Xiong Chu Street BRT total of 14 stations, the average station spacing of about 0.94 km, the first and second stations were Wuchang Railway Station and Liufang station, intermediate station 14, respectively, Jing'an Road Station, Dingqiao Bridge Station, Science and Technology Station, Book City Station, Luo Shi South Road Station, China Normal University Station, Zhuo knife Quan South Road Station, the show Town Station, Chu Ping Road Station, Engineering University Station Station Road Station, Fenglin Shangcheng Station, Guan Shan Road Station, Guanggu Avenue Station.

Third, the largest indoor theme park opening



Opening hours: October 2015

Shimao Carnival, the project a total investment of 50 billion, about 234 meters north-south direction, east-west width of 140 meters, 11.4 meters high, the project covers an area of about 800 acres, construction area of more than 500,000 square meters. The project is a barrel-shaped, central theme park roof for the oval sphere, will be built after China's largest indoor theme park. In addition to the indoor theme park, the project also includes a shopping center, home center, international cinema, lakeside apartment, outdoor lakeside commercial street, specialty boutique and restaurant. It is understood that the project is expected to be built in 2015 for the people of Wuhan to play. locations: Wuhan Caidian District Concert Road next to the back of the lake.

Fourth, Huazhong first indoor marine park opened



Time: October 2015

Guobao Ocean Paradise, costing 6.9 billion. As the first water theme in central China, the park will face the Yangtze River, an area of 116,000 square meters, than can accommodate 60,000 spectators of Wuhan Sports Center Stadium (construction area of 78,000 square meters) even bigger! In addition to With artificial sea, beach and large-scale water culture theme for visitors to see the sea leisure, but also supporting the construction of commercial main shop, boutiques, film city, specialty restaurants and real ice rink. locations: Hanyang Ma Road, next to the Wuhan National Music Center

Fifth, Wuhan Second Ring Road comprehensive through


Time: early 2015

2015 Wuhan will not block it! Second Ring Road, a total investment of 10.8 billion, is the central city of Wuhan Expressway. Planning the red line width of 50-110 meters, from the development of the road section, the Han section, ten liters, four new section, Mei Jiashan section, Luo lion section, East Lake section, water east section, twenty-seven Yangtze River Bridge and Parrot Island Yangtze River Bridge composition, A total length of 48 km, planning shows that by the end of 2014 to the beginning of 2015, the second ring will be string into a line, across the board, perfect "draw round", the public can achieve any two rings within two minutes. By 2015, Wuhan will be built "three links six tie line 13 radio road" - a total length of 353 km fast road system, when Wuhan or will get rid of "big blocking city" hat.

Six, Wuhan three town subway network initially formed


Time: the end of 2015

By 2015, Wuhan City Center 5 rail transit (Line 1 extension line, Line 2 and extension line, Line 3, Line 4 and Phase II, Line 8, a) Mileage of 140 km. The future total investment in Wuhan Metro will total up to 300 billion. They will form a ring network, the real realization of the three town people can easily travel!

Seven, three super store officially settled in Wuhan


Time: 2014 to 2015

Sam's Club, located in Hankou South China Township West Square, Wal-Mart's high-end membership system stores, for the petty bourgeoisie to provide quality assurance of goods, inexpensive imported food is a major feature. Such as some of the world's major origin of fruit, chocolate, and some have not yet large-scale access to the Chinese market of internationally renowned toiletries. British imports Mr "s Mark milk, excellent product full-fat pure milk 1LX6 bottle, in other shopping plaza should be the price of not less than 100 yuan, in Sam's membership shop cheaper nearly twenty or thirty dollars. South Korea imports Coca-Cola, Australia imported DE BORTOLI De Pauli Willow Valley, Moskato White Wine and American Ocean Spray Cranberry Berry Sugar Sugar, all have more value than other stores.


AEON Group, Asia's retail department store ranked first, is Asia's largest business group. They plan to invest in the construction of three three large shopping centers in Wuhan, respectively, located in Wuhan, East and West Lake Development Zone, Dunkou Economic and Technological Development Zone and Lake. The three major shopping centers to "one stop" for the characteristics of the set of fashion apparel, daily groceries, specialty restaurants, integrated cinema, personalized service as one, will be 60,000 kinds of goods and 1,200 kinds of own brand welcoming.


Wuhan IKEA, Project Phase II Shopping Center: Wuhan Yingyi IKEA Shopping Center plans to open on April 22, 2015, still located in Qiaokou District forehead Bay.

Eight, Wuhan, the first high-rise records once again refresh


Time: November 2015

Wuhan Minsheng Building, Wuhan, the first high-rise building has been maintained for many years, this record will be refreshed in 2015! Wuhan Central Business District landmark - 438 meters of the "Wuhan Center", a total investment of 5.5 billion, the current core structure out of the ground 17 Layer, next year to become the highest point of Jiangcheng, reaching more than 300 meters, 2015 fully completed, the future "World Trade Center" high building 438 meters tower will be "Wuhan Center" together to build China's first high twin towers.

Nine, Wuhan Garden Fair opened


Time: September 2015

Tenth Garden Fair cost 4 billion, the theme of "green to connect you and me, garden into life", located in Wuhan City Zhang Gongdi City Forest Park core area. The whole garden will be divided into three scenic spots to build, the introduction of gold and silver lake into Zhanggong embankment, the Jinkou garbage dump turned the mountain is "ecological mountain axis" and "landscape water axis" overall ecological pattern. After the end of the Expo, around the garden will continue to retain a small King in Wuhan. The future, Suzhou garden, the Chinese royal garden, Japanese garden, European garden, Wuhan people at the door will be able to enjoy one by one.

Ten, Wuhan CBD completed


Time: October 2015

Wuhan Central Business District (Wuhan CBD) a total investment of 50 billion, positioned as an international service center, and Wuhan's largest wealth living area, planning a total area of 7.41 square kilometers, almost equivalent to a city in the city. CBD main project, including 120,000 square meters of commercial shopping center, five-star Sheraton Hotel and 5A Grade A office space, will be put into use next year; covers an area of 12 hectares of Wangjiadun Park, has been basically completed; Primary school in September this year can be completed, Ma Rong International kindergarten is about to enter; SOHO City next year to pay, a number of subway will be set here to meet the intersection of all projects will be completed in 2015.

Source: Sports Network Author: Suzie Wong


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