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main feature
The model is based on the garment factory and embroidery factory production characteristics and professional design. It is equipped with professional accessories and other characteristics of the whole, suitable for a variety of materials (auxiliary) materials for laser processing. Especially for white fabrics, cotton materials, knitted fabrics and other ordinary laser machine is difficult to process the fabric, the model can be processed. Processing efficiency has been greatly improved, but also to avoid some of the laser machine for the pursuit of processing efficiency and always let the laser machine in the limit of high-speed continuous operation of the situation, so that the laser machine life greatly extended production costs.
     The matching software is based on the characteristics of garment and embroidery processing technology and the preparation of such as patch embroidery in the external expansion, smooth cutting curve processing, multi-format file compatibility, node editing, multi-tasking system and so on.

Laser type

Sealed CO2 laser



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