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Customized Pneumatic marker

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Pneumatic Marker


GGQD-030 Type Special miniature pneumatic marking machine

     Marking the horizontal, marking on the side of the workpiece,(for the convenience of the workpiece can be placed horizontally, the marking on the side of the workpiece) can be matched with tooling extends for marking the automatic telescopic marking workpiece; and other special parts marking, generally used in the production line.


GGQD-060 Type Multi needle pneumatic marking machine

     A plurality of needle at the same time code, faster, more efficient,applicable to the requirements of the production cycle, the production line marking, (for example: in the online plate marking).

Technical data

Model                        GGQD-0 30 GGQD-060

Forms of control        Fully enclosed control cab inet

Marking format         150x100mm  200x100mm  300x200mm

Marking depth          0.1-2mm (according to materials)

Marking speed          50-80mm /s

Power consumed       220V±10%/50Hz/100 0W

Gas supply needs       0.4-0.6Mpa dry clean air




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