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Dual-use Pneumatic marker

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Pneumatic Marker


GGQD-012 Type Table two delayed pneumatic marking machine

    A drive system also controls a desktop marking head, a portable hand-held small marking head, marking on different workpieces, for a wide range of products. Wide range of applications, such as hand-held small head marking on the car frame beam printing VIN code, desktop marking head on the car nameplate or part of the marking).


GGQD-022 Type Cabinet type one with two pneumatic marking machine

    With fully enclosed control cabinet, moisture, dust, vibration,suitable for industrial use at the scene, customers can achieve higher requirements. 

Technical data

Model              GGQD-012   GGQD-0121   GGQD-022

Forms of control      Desktop box   Fully enclosed control cabinet

Marking format       150X 100mm/120X20mm

                                200X 100mm/80X20mm

                                300X 200mm/150X 50mm

Marking depth        0.1-2mm(according to materials)

Marking speed        50-80mm/s

Rotating device       Standardφ125mm Optional φ80mm/φ160mm

Power consumed    220V±10%/50Hz/1000W

Gas supply needs    0.4-0.6Mpa dry clean air 




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