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Cabinet Pneumatic marker

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Pneumatic Marker

1、GGQD-020  Standard Cabinet Pneumatic Marker


    The model control cabinet is fully sealed, it can work normally in the environment with oil and dust, as well as other complicated industrial fields. It has friendly interface, convenient operation, good stability and simple maintenance. The model can meet customer's individuality It has a fault alarm and networking capabilities, to achieve data collection and management, both with multi-channel 1/0 interface and complex control functions. 

2、GGQD-021 Cabinet Workpiece Rotation Pneumatic Marker

    The model has all the functions of the standard cabinet pneumatic marking machine, and it has three-dimensional function, that is, in cylindrical, conical workpiece surface in the direction of rotation marking.

Technical data

(Model)                                   GGQD-020 GGQD-021

(Marking format)                    150X100mm   150X100mm  200X100mm  300X200mm

(Marking depth)                      0.1-2mm

(Marking speed)                      50-80mm/s

(The range of marker head up and down)       300mm

(Power consumed)                                            220V±10%/50Hz/1000W

(Gas supply needs)                                            0.4-0.6Mpa

(Rotating device)                                               φ125mm   φ80 mm/φ160 mm




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