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Table Pneumatic marker

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Pneumatic Marker


GGQD-010 Standard Desktop Pneumatic Marker

           The compact structure, compact size: in a variety of complex environmental conditions work; it is friendly, easy to operate, good stability, easy maintenance; the same can meet the individual needs.

GGQD-0100  Cabinet Portable Pneumatic Marker

GGQD-011 Desktop Workpiece Rotation Pneumatic Marker

      The model has all the functions of the standard desktop pneumatic marking machine, and it has a three-dimensional function,that is, in the cylinder, the cone of the workpiece surface in the direction of rotation marking. 

Technical data

Model                         GGQD-010 GGQD-011

Marking format          150x100mm  200x100mm 300x200mm

Marking depth           0.1-2mm(according to materials)

Marking speed           50-80mm/s

Marking head lifting range           300mm

Power consumed        220V ± 10%/50Hz/1000W

Gas supply needs       0.4-0.6Mpa dry clean air

Rotating device          Standardφ125mm Optionalφ80mm/φ160mm




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