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Semiconductor side pump

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Laser marking machine

■ Equipment Performance

Adopting Diode side-pump laser as pump headstream, diode pump laser marking machine replace the lamp pump, which has such characters: high ratio phototraslating, laser beam with high quality,compactness, low running cost, easy to install and operate, good stabilization, free of maintenance and so on.

Whole sealing optical system, constant tempreture which make the whole equipment more stable, output facula diameter is smaller. It suitable for high precision with high speed.

■ Applicable fields

The machine is widely applied in electronic and communication product, muITTFarious parts of auto, hardware, apparatus, glasses and horologe, sanitation, plastic surface, food packaging, jewelry, exact instrument and so on, it is suitable to legion domanial figure and literal marking.

Main technical parameters

Type specification                       GGJG-220

Wave length of laser                  1064nm

Laser power                                ≤50W  ≤75W

Laser repetitionfrequency          200kHz-50kHz

Facula diameter              30μm

Marking speed               ≤8000mm/s

Marking depth               0.01 mm - 0.3mm (according to the material)

Minimal character          0.5mm

Repetition precision       0.01 mm

Marking scope    110 x110mm (or) 175x175mm

Cooling way        Integration constant temperature circulation water cooling

Powersupply       AC380V(220V)/50Hz / 3.5KVA




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