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Enclosed fiber laser cutting machine

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Enclosed fiber laser cutting machine

GGQG-Q series of all-around fiber laser cutting machine all around the exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine, using the world's top-class fiber laser, equipped with imported high-precision rack and linear guide and other high-efficiency transmission mechanism, through the advanced CNC system, Into the precision CNC fiber laser cutting machine, is set laser cutting, precision machinery, numerical control technology and other disciplines in one of the high-tech products, the machine dynamic performance, fast servo response, coupled with the power of fiber lasers, to achieve high cutting effectiveness. Mainly used for carbon steel plate, stainless steel and other metal materials, cutting and forming metal processing industry is the preferred cutting model.
     GGQG-Q series adopts the all-enclosed frame structure, avoids the radiation damage to the operator, adopts the special-purpose numerical control system of the fiber laser cutting machine based on the Windows operating system, integrates the special function module of the laser cutting control, the powerful function, the man- easy to use.

The use of gantry structure, equipment, high precision, good rigidity, smooth operation, machine configuration universal roller device, push board effort, convenient and quick.
The machine base is made of high quality 16mm steel plate and pipe welded frame structure, the machine after high temperature annealing, the second aging treatment, large gantry milling machine precision machining, these design and processing means to ensure that the machine has excellent shock resistance, high rigidity and stability The
With a blanking drawer, just remove the drawer when cleaning up the blanking.
Cutting head with a follow-up system can ensure that the cutting head and cutting material height consistent, thus ensuring the cutting effect.
Configuration Germany Precitec capacitor non-contact automatic tracking system, you can automatically adjust the best focal length, to ensure the best cutting effect of the whole board, to avoid the material is not smooth, the focal length of the material caused by the problem of scrapping.
Using the original imported rack drive and imported linear guide, and the use of both sides of the rack dual servo motor drive system patented technology, effectively ensuring the laser cutting speed and accuracy.

Application areas:
Widely used in sheet metal processing, advertising signs production, kitchen utensils, all kinds of metal products, lighting hardware, saw blades, glasses, machinery parts and other industries.




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