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Fiber laser cutting machine

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exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine

GGQG-G series of exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine features:
Using imported fiber lasers, stable performance, the service life of up to 100,000 hours;
Using Germany imported PA8000 control system, PRECITEC laser head and auto focus, stable and reliable operation;
Switzerland imported rack and linear guide drive, gantry CNC machine tools and high-strength casting body, high degree of stability and strong;
The machine is equipped with a switching double table. In a table cutting at the same time, another table can be unloaded sheet metal workpieces;
Photoelectric high rate of installation, operating costs are very low, easy maintenance of optical path;
Response to a variety of production and processing needs, cost-effective.

Applicable materials:
Can cut a variety of metal sheet, pipe, mainly for stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, galvanized sheet, all kinds of alloy plate, rare metal and other materials, rapid cutting. In the case of
In the case of
Adapt to industry:
Suitable for aerospace technology, aircraft manufacturing, rocket manufacturing, robot manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, shipbuilding, sheet metal cutting, kitchen furniture, auto parts, cooling and ventilation pipes, chassis cabinets, kitchen cabinets, machinery manufacturing, Sheet metal industry.

Equipment advantages:
1, excellent beam quality: focus spot smaller, more efficient, better processing quality;
2, very high cutting speed: the same power CO2 laser cutting machine 2 times;
3, high stability: the world's top imported fiber lasers, stable performance, the key components of the service life of up to 100,000 hours;
4, high electro-optical conversion efficiency: fiber laser cutting machine than CO2 laser cutting machine electro-optical conversion efficiency of 3 times, energy saving and environmental protection;
5, very low cost of use: machine power consumption is only the same type of CO2 laser cutting machine 20-30%;
6, very low maintenance costs: no laser working gas; fiber transmission, without reflection lenses, can save a lot of maintenance costs;
7, product operation and maintenance convenience: fiber transmission, no need to adjust the optical path;
8, super flexible light guide effect: small size, compact structure, easy to flexible processing requirements.
9, two 1.1KW centrifugal fan to remove the cutting dust to maintain a good working environment, reduce dust on personnel and equipment damage.




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