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Tube Laser Cutting Machine

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Tube Laser Cutting Machine

The main advantage of the metal laser cutting machine is the ability to cut any design pattern on the pipe. Fast, high precision, a molding, no follow-up treatment. No need to mold, cost savings, visual nesting, close fit, save material. Advanced technology can improve your company's new product development speed, the fastest for you to recover equipment investment costs.

To meet the various types of special-shaped tube cutting
Independent research and development of three-dimensional pipe cutting software for pipe, square tube, rectangular tube, flat tube, I-beam,
Channel, U-tube, and other types of special-shaped pipe cutting.

Pipe cutting characteristics
1, independent research and development of three-dimensional pipe cutting software to solve the traditional laser cutting machine system (Siemens, Frank and PA) need to use CAM sets of material path calculation software to complete the three-dimensional cutting of the drawbacks for customers to save expensive software costs.
2, the most advanced capacitive auto follow the follow-up system, with a touch board alarm, the lack of alarm plate, followed by the alarm, the edge of the board alarm and many other protection.
3, in all kinds of pipe wall cutting a variety of graphics; also in the end of various types of pipe cut oblique cut face.
4, self-centering double power chuck to ensure that the longer pipe was clamped when the flatness and feeding accuracy, applicable to all kinds of special-shaped pipe.
5, special high-pressure gas pipe cleaning device, so that the pipe is cut, the inner wall smooth, no secondary treatment.

Equipped with professional cutting CNC system, can achieve a simple layout.
On the corner of the cutting tube at the corner of the automatic energy, cutting speed, to achieve the perfect cutting effect.
Manual centering, professional fixture design, peer technology in a leading position to ensure cutting effect
Round pipe, rectangular pipe and other pipe can be automatically feeding, without human intervention; special-shaped tube can be manually assisted semi-automatic feeding.
Advanced chuck clamping system.
Chuck self-adjustment center, according to profiles automatically adjust the size of clamping force to ensure that the thin tube clamp loss.
Corner fast cutting system.
Corner fast response, greatly improve the cutting efficiency.
Special laser cutting machine for pipe function:
Can be cut in the main tube in a number of different directions, different diameter cylindrical intersecting line hole to meet the branch pipe axis and the tube axis eccentric and non-eccentric vertical intersection conditions.
Can be cut at the end of the branch pipe cylindrical intersecting line ends to meet the branch pipe axis and the tube axis eccentric and non-eccentric vertical intersection, tilt the intersection of the conditions.
Can be cut at the end of the tube oblique cut end.
It is possible to cut the intersecting end of the branch pipe intersecting the toroidal support.
Can be cut off and cut 360 ° square cut.
Can cut the square hole in the tube, waist hole.
Can be a variety of steel pipe cut off.
Can be in the square tube, oval tube, U-tube, rectangular tube surface and other special-shaped tube for a variety of graphic cutting.

Machinable materials:
Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, galvanized version, pickling plate, titanium and other metal sheet and pipe cutting.

Applicable industry:
Widely used in sheet metal processing, advertising signs production, high and low voltage electrical cabinet production, mechanical parts, kitchen utensils, automobiless, machinery, metal crafts, saw blades, electrical parts, eye industry, spring, circuit boards, Electronics, hardware, tools and other tools.




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