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Nameplate welding machine

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Plate welding machine

ZHJ-3000CD Nameplate welding machine       ZHJ-1600、2000、2500Nameplate welding machine 

Plate welding machine

The characteristics of the plate welding machine and its application in steel production:

      Iron and steel production, especially in the production of bar, profile, the finished product signs are generally fixed with wire or strip signs on both ends of the surface, so that the process of handling the signs easily lost, to provide legal opportunities for illegal manufacturers. At the same time, the bundles of bar in the production, sale, storage process is generally the city of stacking yards, signs were buried in the stack caused by the relevant technical parameters of the signs can not be identified, and once the wrong link is difficult to correct.

Using the plate welding machine can solve the above problems:

      Place the welding nail in the welding machine gun and hang the plate on the welding nail and weld the plate to the end of the bar and the profile (cross section). A molding, welding firm.

The above practices are as follows:

1, because the label is welded directly with the welding rod is not easy to fall off;

2, the plate welded to the end of the bundle bar, in the production, handling, storage process is not easy to squeeze, and easy to identify and amend;

3, easy to use, recharge 1-2 seconds after the moment can be printed on the bar welded to the end of the bar;

      As shown in Figure 4, the operation is simple, the average worker can learn a few minutes, greatly improving work efficiency.

      Charge control thyristor, integrated circuits, relays, charge control potentiometer and other key components all imported brand name, good quality, reliable and durable equipment. Rechargeable use DC12V power supply, small size, light weight, suitable for free to carry, can be in the field construction, without power restrictions, full of electricity can be sold 150 to 300 signs, can be used repeatedly charge, you can also charge the car battery, 12V car power supply can be powered.

Technical Parameters:

Parameters \ model:  ZHJ-1600 ZHJ-2000 ZHJ-2500 ZHJ-3000CD

Input voltage:  220V / 50HZ 12V / 50HZ

Energy storage:  electrolytic capacitors

Input rated current:  5A 2A

Capacitor capacity most:  66000 100000 150000 66000

Welding productivity (in / min):  10-15 15-25 20-30 10-15

Outside the steel shell:  powder coating

Protection class:  Ip31

Security circuit:  22

Torque length:  202mm

Weight:  25kg 27kg 28kg 12kg

Dimensions (Length X Width X Height):  400 x 260 x 405 mm 350 x 180 x 250 mm

Cable length:  4 m (can be lengthened)

Capacitor life (charge and discharge times):  100,000 times 500,000 times 100 million times 100,000 times




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