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Galvanometer scanning laser welding machine

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Yag Laser Welder Series

Model Features:

    The laser welding machine adopts galvanometer scanning, welding speed, high accuracy, the beam pattern is good, especially for precision laser spot welding various parts. Due to greatly reduce the air-way positioning time, productivity increased 4-10 times faster than ordinary laser spot welding efficiency when welding at a single point.Scanning laser welding machine by YAG laser, laser power,optical scanning systems,3D adjustable workstations, industrial control systems, refrigeration systems, laser pointer system, operating the cabinet and other components.

    Dedicated laser welding machine based software windows platform. Weld or graphics can be entered directly in its proprietary software, edit,or by other software to edit AutoCAD, CorelDRAW,and then through its proprietary software imported for processing. The machine stable quality, easy operation and simple maintenance.

    Fiber conduction may, with the host separate, easier to use.


    This welder is mainly used in highly efficient laser spot welding or seal welding of mobiles phones shielding case, mobiles phones metal shell,capacitor metal shell, metal shielding grid in computer, shaver blade, electronic connector and other electronic products.

>>>Technical parameters:

Model                                    GGH J-Z100 GGH J-Z200

Laser type                               Nd:YAG

Laser wavelength                   1064nm

Max single pw ls energy         30J 40J

Maximum laser power            100W 200W

Pulse width                             0.1〜15ms(Adjustable)

Pulse frequency                      1〜100Hz(Adjustable)

Spotwelding speed                 ≤ 15 spots/s

Size oflight spot                      0.3mm

Adjusting range oflight spot   0.1-3.0mm

Cooling                                    Water cooling

Master unitdimensions           1600 X 800 X 1500mm




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