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Optical fiber transmission laser

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Yag Laser Welder Series

Model introduction

    The optical fiber transmission laser welder is a kind of laser welding equipment that couples the high energy laser beam into the optical Hber,collimates to parallel light by collimating lens after long distance transmission,and then focuses on the work piece to weld. For the positions hard to reach,implement flexible noncontact welding to have more flexibility. The laser beam can realize spectroscopy in time and energy and process multiple light beams simultaneously, making more precise welding possible.

Main features

    Optional CCD camera surveillance system to facilitate observation and precise positioning.

    Spot welding energy distributionuniformity, spot welding has optimal desired characteristics.

    Adapt to a variety of complex welds,spot a variety of devices,as well as less than 1mm thin plate welding seam.

    The British imported ceramic condenser cavity, corrosion resistance, high temperature, cavity lifetime (8-10), the xenon lamp life of more than 8 million times.

    Customizable dedicated automated fixture, the product of mass production.

Main application

    Applied to optical communication,IT, medical,electronics,batteries,fiber-coupled devices,CRT electron gun,metal parts,mobiles phones vibration motor, watches precision parts, automotive and other precision steel welding.

>>>Technical parameters:

Model                                      GGHJ-GH 300

Laser wavelength                    1064nm

Laser working substance         Nd:YAG

Max single pw ls energy          50J

Pulse width                              ≤ 20ms

Pulse frequency                       ≤ 80Hz

Optical fiber diameter             0.4mm/0.6mm

M inmum welding spot dameter          0.2mm

Rated laser power                                 300W/400W

Integrity power                                     12KW/14KW

Optical fiber outputquantity         Both energy spectroscopy and time spectroscopy are                                                      available; standard optical fiber: one line, up to six lines

Cooling system                                     Water cooling

Power supply                                        380V±10%/50Hz

Dimensions                                           1200mmX 600mmX1100mm

Weight                                                   300 kg




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