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Large format clothing

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Laser cutting machine

■Equipment Performance

      Special sections dedicated mold structure, imported linear guide or ball screw Rod support operation, stepper (Servo) motion control systems, channel-type feed Material, lifting platforms, industrial circulating cooling system, hydraulic control system protection System, inflatable protection control system, smoke and dust removal device, the optical path using constant Optical design, style kniyes aluminum work surface.

      The machine processing, large format,reasonable optical design,excellent control system Processed products cut smooth fine carving and meticulous precision.

■Applicable fields

      The machine is widely applied in organic glass,architectural model, aeromodelling, furniture making, door making, stone engraving, advartisement, decoration line, etc, and like the large-scale workpiece.

■ Optional configuration

      USB interface; The control of touch screen; Red-light locating system.

■ Main technical parameters

Type specification        GGDK-1313/GGDK-1318/GGDK-1325/GGDK-1825
Laser power                  80W 100W
Connecting way           PCI / USB online / offline reading U flash
Working platform size 1300x1300mm 1300x1800mm 1300x2500mm 1800x2500mm
Cutting speed              ≤1000 mm/s
The accuracy of repeated orientataion            ≤±0.025mm
Cooling way                Circulation water cooling
Power supply              220V/50Hz/2kVA
Net weight                  940kg/1000kg11100kg11200kg
Dimension                  2130 x 1940 x 1320 /2550 x 1940 x 1320 
                                   3240 x 2550 x 1320 /3240 x 2570 x 1420 mm




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